Beginners Guide: What to expect at your first appointment?

The consultation appointment is the most important step in your facial aesthetics journey. Whether you’re interested in BotoxTM or dermal fillers a consultation is vital prior to any treatment. This is where I get to know you and understand what you are looking to achieve. Whether it’s to reduce the look of a specific line or to generally just look and feel refreshed, it’s important for both patient and clinician to be working towards the same goal.

This is also where I will discuss your medical history to ensure that treatment is safe for each individual patient. Discussing the medical history allows me to tailor the aftercare advice as well as the pre and post treatment advice.

Clinical photographs will be taken and uploaded to your record. This not only records where we started from but allows us to produce post treatment comparisons, which can also help plan any future treatment.

My overall aim from the consultation appointment is to have an in-depth discussion about what you would like from treatment, to discuss any medical interactions and to nurture a relationship based on trust and understanding. I will listen to your goals, take on board your ideas and guide you. I may guide you away from some treatments and towards others but never based on price.

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