The Different Benefits of Vitamin Injections

vitamin injections with sliced oranges vitamin C

You may ask yourself, “Why should I get a vitamin injection when I can just take a pill?” 

Vitamin injections provide quite a few different benefits and maybe your answer to vitamin deficiencies, sleep issues, or ongoing fatigue.

Vitamin Injections are Absorbed Better

While vitamins are important to take daily, there is a slight loss from oral intake by the time it reaches your bloodstream. Vitamin injections are placed intramuscularly and are absorbed a lot faster, resulting in noticeable improvements in energy, mood, and sleep within 48 hours.

Avoid Having to Take a Daily Pill

If you find yourself forgetting to take your daily vitamin, dread swallowing pills, or swallowing multiple vitamins makes you feel nauseous, a vitamin injection may be the solution. You can get a vitamin injection up to two times per week but for some, an injection once a month is all they need. The appointment is also quick and easy, you only need to schedule a 15-minute slot!

Get Exactly What You Need

Have you spent hours researching the perfect combination of daily vitamins? While many brands have tried to make life easier by providing consumers with a multivitamin, the one-size-fits-all daily vitamin method is not entirely accurate. There is no guesswork in a medical spa when vitamin injections are given. Vitamin injections give people that great combination for their body’s needs.

Are You Interested in Vitamin Injections?

Fresh Medical Aesthetics offers two types of vitamin injections: The Lipo B injection and the Tri-Immune Boost.  The Lipo B is a combination of pyridoxine, methionine, choline chloride, cyanocobalamin (B12), inositol, thiamine HCL (B1), and riboflavin (B2).  The Tri-Immune Boost which contains glutathione, zinc sulfate, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Book an appointment today with one of our aesthetic nurse injectors or contact us to schedule a consultation! 

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